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TC is a translation Quality Assurance tool. Its target is to help find errors in the translation and make it possible to quickly fix those errors. This improves the quality of the translation. We collaborate with a language service provider to find the best possible solutions of the subject.

Product overview and rationale

TC checks the translated files using predefined checks. The user (the reviewer) has broad options to customize those checks.
This checking results in an error list that is presented to the user.
The user goes through the error list. He/she can qualify each error whether it is to be fixed or it is just a false positive.
In case it must be fixed, the application helps the user to quickly fix it. It’s as easy as double clicking on the error. The application will present the segment of the error in the corresponding editor where the segment can be fixed.
It is also possible to set a status of the error to be fixed by the translator and provide the translator with a list of errors.
Checks can be imported/exported so they can be reused.
Items, terms can be imported/exported from/to major formats like Microsoft Excel XLS and CSV.


Input/output file formats:

  • Trados TagEditor TTX
  • Microsoft Word
    • RTF
    • DOC
    • Both types uncleaned translated using Trados
  • One project is not limited to one and only file format
  • One project should have only one language pair
Files are bundled in a project


All checks are defined project-wide. Check configuration can be exported from a project and can be imported into another. This helps to create customer and project specific checklists.

Terminology related checks

All terminology checks have options to match case. Also there is a possibility to optionally have a given number of prefix and suffix characters around the term, this can help in reducing false positives.

  • Terminology check: uses a list of term pairs to check. Provides options to relief word start and/or end checking for elol ragozo and agglutinative languages (like “-en”). Can check terminology in both directions.
  • Untranslated term check: uses a list of terms to check that those are not translated in the target segments.
  • Software item check: uses a list to check whether a software item is present in the target segment (software items are of a pattern “Open” -> “Open (Öffnen)”)
    Items can be extracted from the source text, based on delimiter tags, where delimiter tags represent usually some formatting.

Consistency checks

  • Consistency check: checks that all the same source segment are translated to the same in the target segments project wide. It's possible to ignore given characters and case.

Segment level checks

  • Missing translation check: checks whether the source and target segment is the same. There are options to avoid false positives by skipping short segments and specific or only uppercase characters.
  • Target length check: checks whether the target segments length in within a given range compared to the source.
  • Character set check: checks whether the target segment complains with the character set of the language (English text might contain only the English alphabet)
  • Duplicated word check: checks that no duplicated words appear in the target. Optionally words can be excluded from the check.
  • Article check: checks Hungarian definite, English indefinite articles.

Number checks

  • Number check: provides a simple way to check whether numbers match in the source and target segment.

Tag checks

  • Tag check: Can check the existence and order of tags in the source and target segments. It is possible to exclude tags from the check (like non-breaking space).

Statistics, reporting

Prepares statistics on the errors:

  • by status
  • by check and origin
  • by check and match %.

Prepares HTML or XML reports of the errors

General features

Items, terms can be imported/exported
Supports all languages via Unicode character set support


Software: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Hardware: Platform hardware and RAM requirements + 32 MB. 20 MB hard disk space for installation

Short term plans

  • Extensive right-to-left support
  • Extensive Cyrillic support
  • More input/output formats
  • Search and replace support

As we are a software development company, we can respond to unique requirements. Contact us if you have ideas regarding translation checking that you want to have realized.

Machine translation provided by Google

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