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We have a volume based pricing for TC, discounts are calculated during the ordering process.

Currently our online shop is under development. Until it gets ready, you can enjoy online delivery, but a manual billing process. We can currently accept Bank transfers.

Please apply for a trial to start checking immediately. We are happy to extend the trial period on request until your payment arrives.

Should you have any questions about the purchasing process, feel free to contact us.

Quantity Price
1 - 4 € 200
5 - 9 € 190
10 - 20 € 180
20 - 100 € 160
over 100 contact us

These are introductory prices for a limited time. As soon the product gains more and more features please expect that those will rise. Hurry up, buy now, enjoy future features for less (the above prices include one year subscription).



Please enter your details in the below fields:

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Note: Submitting this form makes a legally binding order for the software.


You will receive an invoice. We can accept bank transfers.

As soon as we receive the registration fee, you will receive an email containing your final serial number and address of the download area.

We have chosen electronic delivery for the following:

  • Saves time - you get your product ASAP instead of waiting for a courier, you can improve productivity now.
  • Saves money - you pay no shipping or packaging costs.
  • Saves the environment - no trucks, airplanes required to dispatch.
  • You will always get the most current version of the software at the time of purchase.
  • On the other hand, please make backups of the software and print your registration data, like serial number and keep those at a safe place.

Purchase of License

TC is sold as a licensed product according to the terms and conditions of the EULA.
Purchasing a license includes automatically 12 months of subscription, which entitles you to:
  • Download and activate the current version of TC. (after subscription expires activation will work only for the version released before the subscription expired - you can continue to use the last version you have)
  • You can renew your subsciption any time before or after the 12 months pass
  • Access e-mail support services.
  • Priority support for registered users
  • Priority bug reporting for registered users

Renewing the Subscription

Once your subscription expires you can renew your subscription for further 12 months to continue receiving subscription benefits. If you decide to renew, you must renew each of the expired licenses you intend to update, at the renewal rate for edition type you hold.

We will inform you in an e-mail a month before your subscription expires. In case you wish to renew earlier or your subscription is already expired contact us for renewal.

Renewal Rates

Renewal rates are always 35% of the current product price. Volume discounts apply here too.

Quantity Price
1 - 4 € 70
5 - 9 € 66
10 - 20 € 62
20 - 100 € 56
over 100 contact us


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